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Come discover the world of sports like you have never seen it before! World Sports Alliance TV is dedicated to healthy living and the promotion of international sports worldwide and now we want to share our experience with you! More than just a collection of athletes, World Sports Alliance TV takes you on a journey of fitness, fun, food, motivation and sports around the world where you can immerse yourself in the people and places that make up the world of sports, as you experience the excitement and amazing skills of our featured athletes.

Our Team

Meet the executive team of the World Sports Alliance TV. Our staff takes pride in its community by providing quality service and stewardship and partnerships to our member states.

R. Rashaad LV Patrick II PhD

President / Executive Producer

Asa St. Clair


Aric Reutlinger

Gerenal Manager

Brian Wood

Sports Director

Bob Frifington

News Director

Renee Star

Style / Makeup

Our Member States

WSA-IGO was created following the adoption of the Rabat Declaration in Morocco, in May 2007 by the Kingdom of Morocco, the Republic of Niger, and the Dominican Republic, and its subsequent presentation and registration with the Economic and Social Council UN-ECOSOC (E/2007/NGO/1)(3) in July 2007. By April 2009 WSA had grown to include 24 Member states, increasing to 34 in January 2016, with a combined population base of 574 million.

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